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If Only He Stayed

Giuseppe Rossi’s Possible Future if he stayed with Manchester United

People always associate Giuseppe Rossi with Villarreal. In his 5 year stay with the club, he managed to score 54 goals in 136 appearances. A remarkable feat for any striker. Now that he is in Fiorentina, people think of him being made in Villareal. Although that may be correct, we all forget that Rossi was once a Manchester United player. A transfer by Sir Alex Ferguson, he played his youth with the Italian club Parma before being “fished away” by the English Club in 2005. However, Rossi lacked playing time in Old Trafford and was transferred to Villarreal.

Rossi is now in his mid-20s and at the prime of his career. It would be interesting to list the possible things that could have happened if he stayed in Manchester and compare it with his current career. Did he make the right decision to leave? Would he have been a better player? Let see the possible scenarios below.

He would have surely played in Manchester United’s Charity Poker
last November. Manchester United held a charity poker event which included six players from the club. The event also had guest Professional Poker Player Tony G, who was sponsored by online gaming giant Partypoker, to give tips to the players on how to win the game. Bluffing (the act of fooling your opponents by making them think you have a better hand than what you actually have) is probably the most effective way to beat the competition in poker and could be the main focus of Tony G’s lecture.

Giuseppe was raised in the United States. He could have been good at poker and possibly have defeated Jonny Evans, the winner of the event. A silly assessment, but fun nonetheless.

A Rooney-Rossi Combi?
A mouth-watering idea indeed. Just seeing these two wearing the same uniform and playing together would be enough to delight the fans. Not to mention the number of goals they could score. Rossi is more of a centre forward while Rooney is a clinical striker with decent passing skills. Wayne and Giuseppe could be tearing most Premier League teams’ defenses apart, if they join forces today.

Chicharito and Van Persie not in the team
Having too many strikers is inefficient for any team. Rossi and Rooney is more than enough for most teams, and an additional forward would just be a waste of money. Chicharito could have been transferred but getting an expensive Robin Van Persie would highly be unlikely.

He would have made it to the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
He missed it. He missed the opportunity to play in the most exciting sports event in the world. Rossi was in the provisional team before the games but was unfortunately cut-off. If he was playing in a popular club, like United, his chances of being picked would certainly be higher.

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  1. Mo Slama says:

    Notably, he would have also played in the World Cup had he played for USA

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